Ricky Tomlinson is willing to be arrested for his next march


Royle Family star Ricky Tomlinson has revealed he plans to march on Downing Street over the 1972 Shrewsbury pickets in the new year, and he is prepared to be arrested for it.

The Shrewsbury Twenty Four activist and former builder was already imprisoned 44 years ago following his protests against the people who were given prison statements.

Speaking to The Mirror, he repeated his insistence - which is backed by legal experts - that the workers were used as scapegoats by the Government to undermine the unions.

The 77-year-old actor and writer said: "After Christmas I'm going to go proactive, and they better watch out.

Ricky and MP John McDonnell campaigning for justice in 2013.
Ricky and MP John McDonnell campaigning for justice in 2013 (Jonathan Brady/PA)

"I'll be demonstrating first at Downing Street and I won't be on my own."

Revealing that he has already had T-shirts made for the occasion, he will again be fighting on behalf of his late friend, Des Warren, who developed chemically-induced Parkinson's while in prison.

"I'll probably get arrested again but if they take me to court then I can ask the questions that they won't answer," he said.

Ricky will feature on tonight's Who Do You Think You Are on BBC One at 8pm, where he will learn that his paternal ­ancestors were all carters in Liverpool's docks.