'Will Self' trended on Twitter and the reason why has got people very confused


Twitter trends mark a sharp rise in the use of certain words, phrases or hashtags on the social network - and every so often, just by chance, they throw up some strange coincidences.

Tuesday was such a day, and the reason "Will Self" has been trending has one particularly intriguing theory behind it.

That's right. Some think the trend started because of the huge amount of people suggesting Donald Trump "will self-destruct" in his new role as the president of the United States.

Calm it, Ken.

Of course Will Self is actually a person. He's an English novelist and journalist - here he is.

Will Self
(Sean Dempsey/PA)

Recognise him? We're sure the poor guy probably didn't want to be put in the spotlight for this reason - and it seems like the truth is he wasn't.

Self actually sparked a flurry of activity after appearing on Channel 4 News. On the programme, despite having said libraries will become redundant, it was announced the writer has been invited to write his own archive for the British Library.

Of course this still doesn't mean Self was just trending for reasons he would be pleased with...

Of course, some also noted there are yet more reasons the trend may have appeared.

And others think the whole thing is actually just feeding itself.

Finally some looking for their own moment in the spotlight think they could do with a change of name...