These pictures of this weekend's fog are eerily beautiful


It's been mighty misty out there this weekend, causing flight delays at London airports and long queues on the country's roads.

It may be frustrating to have your plans changed due to this hazy weather, but let's take a moment to appreciate just how spectacular fog can make ordinary scenery look.

Like these woods, for instance. What magnificent or maleficent being is going to emerge from this gloom?

The misty weather makes these train tracks look like something out of a dystopian novel...

... and this road look like it leads to somewhere ghostly.

Even the beautiful game gets an other-worldly makeover in the spooky weather.

(Matt Dunham/AP)
(Matt Dunham/AP)

Tourist hotspots also look dramatically different covered in a blanket of fog.

These drivers plodding along the M2 probably don't realise they are part of a spooky photo which looks like a still life painting.

headlights in fog (Gareth Fuller/PA)
(Gareth Fuller/PA)

It's not ideal weather, but if you really stop and look, fog's pretty special.