The People's Convoy has begun its journey to rebuild a children's hospital in Syria

A convoy of trucks and lorries carrying medical equipment and supplies has left London for Syria.

The group of humanitarian organisations behind the convoy plan to rebuild a children's hospital in the accessible countryside west of Aleppo, as residents in the east of the city are evacuated.

The convoy of heavy goods vehicles will pass through France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria, before crossing Turkey and reaching the Turkey/Syria border. Organisers think the journey will take between six and seven days.

The supplies will then be handed over to local partners, who will transport them to the children's hospital.

Dr Rola Hallam of NGO CanDo came up with the idea for a convoy, which has been arranged with help from Doctors Under Fire, the Syria Campaign and physicians for human rights, among others.

(Victoria Jones/PA)
Saleyha Ahsan, left, an emergency medicine doctor, and Dr Rola Hallam, consultant anaesthetist, with some of the aid being sent to Syria (Victoria Jones/PA)

Mark Hannaford, managing director of Across the Divide, will be driving one of the lorries. He said: "Without access to medical practitioners with adequate equipment and supplies, the predicament of the people in Syria is dire.

"The governments of the Western world, and the UN, have proven themselves incapable of finding a solution to end the violence and suffering in Syria.

"Our aim with the convoy is to rebuild a children's hospital in the countryside west of Aleppo. We want to use the convoy to express our solidarity for the civilians and aid workers of Syria, to defy the war criminals committing these crimes against humanity, and to put pressure on the governments on the world to help the people of Syria."

The team have raised more than £160,000, smashing their target of £91,000 to achieve their aims. You can donate here.

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