Video shows Transport Secretary Chris Grayling knocking a rider off his bike just days after complaining about cycle lanes

Footage has emerged of MP Chris Grayling knocking a cyclist off his bike with a car door - the same month he said cycle lanes "cause too much of a problem for road users".

The video, released by the Guardian, was taken from a cyclist riding behind Grayling's ministerial car and Jaiqi Liu - the man who was unfortunately sent flying.

Liu, 35, who was helped shakily to his feet by the MP, said he suffered pain to his back, legs and head following the incident - his bike was also badly damaged.

Despite Grayling leaving the car immediately to apologise and check on him, Liu was not entirely pleased with the MP's reaction.

"One thing he did say was that I was cycling too fast, which was not true," Liu told the Guardian. "That made me really upset. He made out it was my fault."

Grayling arrives at Downing Street
Grayling became Transport Secretary in July (Gareth Fuller/PA)

Earlier this month, Grayling told the Evening Standard cycle lanes "cause too much of a problem for road users" in London, calling for cycle lanes to be designed in a "smarter way".

"The growth of cycling is a good thing. But good cycling is responsible cycling," he said. "As Transport Secretary, I can only watch, because it is a matter for the Mayor."

After being told who Grayling was, Liu bemoaned his stance on cyclists, saying it makes him "angry".

Cyclist in Westminster
Cycling has certainly been top of Grayling's agenda lately (Yui Mok/PA)

Liu also said Grayling "definitely" should have stayed longer to check on him but "maybe he had something more important than this to rush to."

A spokesman for Grayling called it an "unfortunate accident" and said they "shook hands before he left". The MP was seen also with his special adviser Simon Jones and fellow transport minister Paul Maynard.

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