UK zoo appeals for unwanted Christmas meat to feed lions

Chessington World of Adventures are making a bid for people to cut down on waste


Zoo appeals for leftovers for lions

A theme park is asking for any Christmas leftovers to be brought in - so they can be fed to its pride of lions.

Bosses at the Chessington World of Adventures in Surrey are appealing for visitors to bring in leftover meat to feed its lions, which has recently been boosted by the birth of three Asiatic lion cubs.

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The female cubs, born in September to parents Kamal and lioness Rani, are having a growth spurt, meaning they need more and more meat.

Research recently found that around 4m Christmas dinners are binned each year - the equivalent of 263,000 turkeys - and in a bid to cut down on waste bosses at the theme park and zoo are urging people to donate their festive leftovers.

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A 'turkey drop' is being set up at the lion's enclosure for guests to leave their Christmas leftovers for the cubs to tuck into and enjoy.

Gary Davidson, 32, of Kingston-upon-Thames, south west London, said loved the idea, adding: "I'm going to buy an extra turkey just so I can take it to feed the lions.

"I doubt they will want my leftover Brussels sprouts and parsnips though."

Oli Whiteway, who is running the turkey drop for Chessingtoin, said: "Our three new lion cubs are just developing a taste for meat and what better way to reduce Christmas wastage than giving leftover turkey to our cubs.

Credits: Chessington World of Adventures/PA

Chessington World of Adventures/PA

"If you have any turkey leftovers this Christmas make sure you get in touch!"

The theme park is open over the festive period, apart from Christmas Day itself.

Animals celebrate christmas

Animals celebrate christmas