MPs held an emergency debate on Aleppo and it didn't fill that many people with hope

MPs held an emergency debate in the House of Commons to discuss the crisis in Syria and the international action that should be taken.

But to the dismay of many watching the live stream at home, there weren't that many people there.

It didn't sit right with some people that they were even debating the extent that they should get involved when there are people so desperately in need of help and aid.

But there was one powerful moment in particular that really resonated with viewers - as well as those in the Chamber - which came from Conservative MP Andrew Mitchell, who lead the debate.

andrew mitchell (PA)
Andrew Mitchell (PA)

In his speech he quoted a "terrified" Aleppo resident who said a "human corridor" needs to happen to get civilians out of the city, and that by not doing anything, we are "complicit" in what is happening there.

The debate concluded with Mitchell using a point of order to ask if the Government could revisit the 2013 Syria vote which was against strikes, and come back to the House with a substantive motion - in other words, allow MPs to debate and vote on the decision that was made back then and the things that have happened since.

Speaker John Bercow responded by saying it is possible and open to the Government to do so, if it wants.

And there are people with a lot of strong feelings on that, too.

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