Women spend 'three months of life' preparing for Christmas

Every year, British women spend 33 hours each preparing for Christmas - amounting to three months over the course of a lifetime.

This is about a third more than the average man, according to the study commissioned by Scottish Widows.

In total, the value of the time spent by women on festive efforts amounts to about £20,000, using the ONS unpaid work calculator.

Christmas shoppers on Oxford Street (Victoria Jones/PA)
Christmas shoppers in Oxford Street (Victoria Jones/PA)

Other findings revealed by the research included the top seasonal frustrations: cleaning the house (75%), food prep (69%), long queues in shops (43%) and time spent waiting for deliveries (41%).

Catherine Stewart, of Scottish Widows, said: "Both men and women invest a lot of time getting ready for Christmas but it's clear from our research that women bear the load during the festive season.

Shoppers queue to enter Hamleys ( Victoria Jones/PA)
Shoppers queue to enter Hamleys ( Victoria Jones/PA)

"It's important that we share the preparations equally this December.

"Whoever spends the most time getting the family ready for Christmas should be treated to a 'festive feet up' - even if it's just one hour, it can make all the difference."

The survey also suggested two-thirds of Brits would pay someone else to do tasks for them, including wrapping presents and standing in line.

It involved a nationally representative sample of 2,000 adults and was carried out by Opinium.

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