Dog attacked by horse 'lucky to survive'

Wildlife photographer takes impressive shots

Amazing photos show stallion chasing dog

Think you've had a ruff day? This poor pooch narrowly escaped death after being chased by a wild stallion.

It was a close call for Maggie, an English Setter, who was set upon by the angry horse.

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The two-year-old pet looked petrified as it ran towards the safety of owner and wildlife photographer Rob Palmer, who impressively captured the heart-stopping moment.

Maggie was helping Rob's falcon hunt for sage-grouse in the Red Desert, Wyoming, USA when they stumbled across the herd.

Stallion chases terrified dog

Thankfully Maggie was unharmed.

Rob, 63, said: "I was really scared for my dog as there was nothing I could do to help.

"So I took the photos anyway as it's a reflex action after so many years of photography.

"I was extremely relieved that Maggie didn't get hurt.

"She's a wonderful dog.

"I'm always photographing wildlife events, this was not planned at all but sometimes you take what you can get."

British Wildlife Photography Awards 2016

British Wildlife Photography Awards 2016