People thought stand-in Emily Thornberry did a better job than Jeremy Corbyn at PMQs


There were two new faces on both sides of the chamber this week for PMQs - leader of the House David Lidington and shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry.

 David Lidington in PMQs (PA)

With Theresa May away in Bahrain, the Tories got the Aylesbury MP to step in and do political battle.

Meanwhile, Labour got Thornberry to fight their corner - and many thought she did a much better job than Jeremy Corbyn.

emily thornberry in PMQs (PA)

Though not everyone agreed that was a glowing endorsement.

In other news, MPs broke with Commons protocol to clap for Holocaust survivor Kitty Hart-Moxon who was in the public gallery and turned 90 today, which went down very well with many people at home.

This kind of behaviour is something SNP MPs have been scolded for before (it's allowed in Scottish Parliament), but an exception was clearly made today. Some weren't too impressed with the lack of consistency, though.