Watch the moment a vicious brawl breaks out between armed attackers


Shocking footage showing a vicious street brawl between armed attackers has been released by police.

Two groups of men can be seen brandishing enormous blades at each other during a late-night showdown on a deserted street in Upper Edmonton, north London.

It was released after the final of seven men convicted over the altercation on February 25 last year was sentenced in court, the Metropolitan Police said.

Violence erupted after two men - Hayder Bozkina, 20, and Rekan Saver, 20 - met on Joyce Avenue to settle a disagreement over money. Bozkina, who was accompanied by another Bartek Glowacki, 21, came to blows with Saver and a group of other men he had brought with him.

Following the brawl, which saw Glowacki hold a knife to one man's neck and several other blades being thrown, the two men tried to flee in their vehicle. The car was surrounded, however, and the gang attempted to smash the windows to get at the pair.

Metropolitan police
(Nick Ansell/PA)

On December 2, Mohamed Abdi, 21, was detained under the Mental Health Act after appearing at Wood Green Crown Court charged with affray.

Previously, Bozkina and Glowacki, were jailed for affray and possession of an offensive weapon, along with Delman Mahmoud, 20, who was sentenced during a separate hearing. Saver was imprisioned for affray and possession of an imitation firearm with intent to cause fear of violence. Meanwhile, Mahir Kilic, 27, and Mahmood Abubakr, 18, were sentenced for affray.

Wood Green Crown Court
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Detective Constable Rob Jones said: "CCTV footage shows that all those convicted armed themselves with weapons during this confrontation. The level of violence used was excessive and it is only by sheer luck that no person died as a result.

"All six males showed a complete disregard for the safety of themselves and anyone else who may have been passing by as they fought. Violence of this nature will not be tolerated by police - we will identify, arrest and put before the courts those who choose to take this path."