This website tracks how long it's been since rail companies last said sorry to customers

Name a train company and we reckon they'll have probably apologised to passengers more than once at some point in 2016.

Well, now there's a website which tracks exactly how long it's been since a selection of them - and yes, Southern is on there - have said sorry to customers about something or other.

screengrab of the website

Sorry for the Inconvenience lets you know when a train company has tweeted someone to say sorry - so there's really no missing those apologies.

You can also compare which rail companies say sorry the most - at the bottom of the page for each company, it reveals their average number of apologies per day.

minutes since a sorry

And we're sorry to announce that, out of the rail providers on the website, Southern seems to be the most apologetic - it says sorry to angry customers 111 times per day on average.

At the other end of the spectrum, TfL apologises an average of just eight times per day.


You can also see the total number of apologies for the whole year so far from each company... oh, we're really enjoying the thought put into this site.

Anyway, the next time you're stuck on a platform waiting for a train, at least you can seek some solace in how many other commuters are feeling angry out there.

And if the rail provider that brings you grief on a regular basis isn't featured, all is not lost - you can email the people behind the site to ask them to add other companies.

We warn you... this tracking apologies business is kinda addictive.

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