Farmer thanks 'Great British Public' after stolen dog and five puppies returned

The owner of a cocker spaniel and her five puppies who were stolen has thanked the "Great British Public" after they were returned to him.

Thieves unscrewed a door of the kennels beside Craig Vaughan's farm near Yarm, Teesside, on Tuesday and stole Dora, two, and her first litter.

Devastated owner Mr Vaughan appealed for help on social media and his story was shared hundreds of times all around the country.

The outcry meant whoever stole them could not sell them on due to all the publicity, he believed.

And on Wednesday evening Mr Vaughan was delighted to share the good news that Dora and the puppies were back safe and sound.

He said a third party had seen the story and managed to get the dogs back on his behalf.

Mr Vaughan, who was milking cows when they were stolen, said: "Someone has done me a massive favour and he wouldn't take any money from me for them.

"The dogs are fine, they don't look any worse for what has happened. They have been fed and they are fine.

"I cannot believe I have got them back, it just goes to show you cannot beat the Great British Public.

"Whoever took them must have seen all the publicity and thought 'we'll never get rid of them'.

"They are back safe and they are in the house, they are not in the kennels, and they are staying here."