Chapecoense's cup final opponents concede cup in a touching gesture after plane crash tragedy


Atletico Nacional has conceded the final of a regional football tournament in Brazil in a touching gesture after their opponents Chapecoense suffered a plane crash tragedy.

A plane carrying the Chapecoense team, of the Brazilian first division, crashed killing 75 people and leaving only six surviving, all of whom have severe trauma injuries.

Chapecoense playing in the semi final
Chapecoense were due to play in the two-part final on Wednesday (Andre Penner/AP)

In a statement, Atletico Nacional requested that the Copa Sudamericana be delivered to Chapecoense following the disaster.

Atletico Nacional, based in Medellin which is near the site of the plane crash, said "pain overwhelms our hearts" and "mourning invades our thinking".

The statement refers to Chapecoense as their "brothers" and says "for our part, and forever" Chapecoense are the champions of the Copa Sudamericana 2016.

Chapecoense meanwhile have posted a video of their team prior to the crash.

The footage shows the team celebrating after their semi-final win in the tournament, the game which delivered them to the final and ultimately had a tragic end.

Que essa seja a última imagem dos nosso... - Associação Chapecoense de Futebol | Facebook

Doctors have been racing to stabilize the six survivors from the crash.

Alan Ruschel suffered a spinal fracture and is in intensive care awaiting surgery, while defender Helio Zampier has skull and chest injuries but is stable.

Jakson Follmann, another player, is at a separate hospital with multiple unspecified injuries. Meanwhile, journalist Rafael Valmorbida has chest injuries and two crew members are described as stable and recovering.