You'll do a double take when you see what was hanging out the boot of this sports car

We've probably all tried to cram too much into the boot of a car before. But there just usually comes a point when you have to admit defeat.

It appears this driver, however, didn't give up...nope, we're guessing they must have really wanted to fit that sofa into their sport hatchback.

The motorist was pulled over after an officer on a motorcycle saw the piece of furniture was precariously hanging out of the back while on a busy road in in Long Stratton, Norfolk.

Police discovered the driver had tied the piece of furniture into the boot of the red Toyota Celica with a suitcase-like strap.

Traffic officers tweeted a picture of the incident, saying they "did a double take on the A140 today!"

police hat
(Chris Radburn/PA)

The driver was given a traffic offence report notice and may face further action.

Norfolk and Suffolk's Roads Policing Unit also wrote on Twitter: "More suitable vehicle or straps would be a better bet!"

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