Brace yourselves - the UK is about to get nippy

If you were looking for an excuse to go into hibernation for a few days (in other words, watch Christmas films under a duvet), you're going to be thanking us for informing you of the weather we're about to face.

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A short sharp cold snap is hitting the UK in the coming days as winter approaches - and that's definitely an excuse to snuggle up inside. or at least treat yourself to a new scarf...

Ladbrokes bookies is offering odds of 2/1 that a new record is set for the coldest night of 2016 before next Sunday with it only offering evens odds that the temperature drops to -10c or lower. *shivers just thinking about it*

And we bet you can guess what topic this leads on to - yes, rather predictably, talk has already turned to the topic of a White Christmas...

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Ladbrokes is offering odds of 2/1 for a white Christmas in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow with better odds as you head south with 3/1 for Newcastle and Belfast, 4/1 for London, 5/1 for Liverpool and Manchester and 6/1 for Cardiff and Birmingham.

Jessica Bridge, of Ladbrokes, said: "Winter's coming, and the odds are falling as quick as the temperature's dropping, leaving punters already dreaming of a White Christmas."

Every year we get excited about it...every single year.

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For now, it's definitely going to feel chilly though. Luke Mial, forecaster for the Met Officer, said that temperatures would start dropping on Sunday night, with Monday expected to be the coldest night of the week. It will be -5c or -6c in rural areas and -1c to -3c in towns and cities.

He said that the week would start with two days of cold weather and added: "Monday won't feel particularly warm with temperatures struggling to hit single figures and clear skies will mean quite a cold night and possibly the coldest of the autumn so far in England and Wales.

"Tuesday will continue to feel cold so it's time to start wrapping up as we approach meteorological winter which starts on Thursday".

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