The Obamas might have bought a house in Palm Springs

Barack Obama and fam might be heading for the Californian desert once his presidency is up, as rumours are flying in the US press that they've bought a house in Palm Springs.

These rumours actually started circulating years ago when Barack and Michelle first spent a weekend in Thunderbird Heights, an elite neighbourhood in the fancy resort city of Rancho Mirage.

They've only increased with their subsequent visits to the area and seemed to have reared their head once again.

welcome to rancho mirage sign (welcomia/Thinkstock)

Rancho Mirage has been a popular holiday haunt for many former presidents including Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and Gerald Ford - so it wouldn't be unusual for another to join the ranks.

Plus it definitely looks like it's cool enough to host the Obamas.

We really can't be sure though, because the Obamas have also been linked to having a house in Barack's homeland of Hawaii and have previously said they'll stay in Washington until their youngest Sasha finishes school.

Either way, so long as we get an invite to the house warming, we don't really mind where they end up.

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