Does having a pyramid of Ferrero Rocher make you an ambassador? Nigel Farage seems to think so

Nigel Farage was presented with a tray of Ferrero Rocher chocolates of the kind handed round at the ambassador's reception in the famous TV ad at an event to thank him for his contribution to Brexit.

(Andrew Woodcock/PA)
(Andrew Woodcock/PA)

The reception at the Ritz was hosted by millionaire Arron Banks, who was thanked by Farage for bankrolling the Leave.EU campaign.

The presentation has drawn comparison to the 90s Ferrero Rocher adverts which took place at a fictional ambassadors opulent party, and the infamous line "Ambassador, with Ferrero Rocher, you are really spoiling us."

The tongue in cheek reference follows US President-elect Donald Trump's suggestion that Farage should be the ambassador to Washington.

Perhaps more explicitly, Farage's speech was heralded by Leave.EU spokesman Andy Wigmore - who joined him at Trump Tower - with a call for attention from "Ladies, Gents, Lords and ... diplomats".

The reaction on Twitter wasn't entirely in his favour.

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