Mother jailed for falsely claiming to be Paris terror attack victim


A mother who tried to win compensation by pretending she got injured in the Paris terror attacks has been jailed for a year, according to reports.

Laura Ouandjli, 24, said her actions had been "unacceptable" and reportedly broke down crying after her conviction at a criminal court in Versailles.

The fraudster had dressed in an arm-sling and told police she had been hurt in an "explosion" in the Carillon bar on November 13 last year where 15 people were massacred.

People gather at the attack side of Carillon Hotel in Paris
People gather at the site of the Carillon hotel a year on from the attacks (Michel Euler/AP)

Detectives didn't buy her story as the attack on the bar was carried out with Kalashnikov rifles only and probed for further inconsistencies.

The Mail Online reports that after being sentenced to a year in prison, Ouandjli said: "I apologise to police, judges, lawyers, civil parties and victims.

"The real victims suffered enormously and I played this for money. It was stupid and childish. When I became aware of the facts, it was too late."

She added: "It took a click, the birth of my daughter, to change me. After today, the court will not hear from me again."

The Carillon attack was one part of a string of co-ordinated assaults across the French capital on the night, with suicide vests detonated at other locations.