Theresa May was bugged on stage by an insect at the CBI conference and it was the highlight of her speech for many

Let's be honest, it's probably quite easy to get distracted at a conference all about business and industry.

But the source of distraction at the annual CBI conference took the unlikely and colourful form of a small flying insect who fluttered around Theresa May as she spoke on stage.

A small butterfly or moth hovers near Prime Minister Theresa May (Jonathan Brady/PA)
(Jonathan Brady/PA)

People couldn't take their eyes off it and were in fierce dispute over whether it was a moth or a butterfly.

And, if it was a moth, was it in fact Cristiano Ronaldo's moth back for another spot in the limelight?

Either way, many jokes were made at the expense of various MPs.

And it was arguably the best part of the whole thing.

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