People in one English county were asked to hand in their weapons - and the results are chilling


It might look like a prop from Game of Thrones - but this home-made flail is just one of thousands of weapons dumped by Bedfordshire residents.

A flail
(Bedfordshire Police)

More than 2,000 knives and an assortment of guns were also recovered during the month-long weapons amnesty where police urged people to "bin the blade".

The items have been "taken away to be destroyed, ensuring they will never fall into the hands of criminals and helping make the streets a safer place", police said.

Don't forget the firearms (Bedfordshire Police)
(Bedfordshire Police)

Steel bins placed outside police stations allowed weapons-hoarders to rid themselves of their arms stash, in an episode dubbed "Operation Sceptre".

Sergeant Ben Dimmock said: "Our message to those carrying knives is 'bin the blade before it's too late'.

"We will come down hard on those responsible for knife crime and they will face serious punishment. They are putting lives at risk - including their own."

Thousands of blades were handed in (Bedfordshire Police)
(Bedfordshire Police)