Tony Blair to continue speaking out on Brexit as office move confirmed

Tony Blair is setting up a new London office and plans to continue speaking out on Brexit, a spokeswoman for the former prime minister has confirmed.

She denied Mr Blair had described Theresa May as a "lightweight" and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as a "nutter", as reported in the Sunday Times.

The spokeswoman said the ex-PM has discussed Brexit with former chancellor George Osborne "as he has with many people" and will bring all his staff into one office in the capital.

The former Labour leader issued a rallying cry to Remain voters last month, telling them "we're the insurgents now" and urging them to mobilise and organise to "prise apart the alliance which gave us Brexit".

It is understood Brexit will continue to play a part in what he says in the future and the confirmation he is consolidating his staff in a London office has sparked speculation he will look to play a larger role in the debate over Britain leaving the European Union.

Responding to the Sunday Times report, an Office of Tony Blair spokeswoman said: "Tony Blair has already announced that he is bringing all staff under one roof. So, yes, the London staff will all come together in one location. It won't be in Westminster, however.

"The new organisation will be all not for profit, as we have announced, and the commercial side has been shut down. The assets of the business will be gifted to the new not-for-profit organisation.

"Mr Blair has not had 'regular' discussions with George Osborne regarding Brexit, though he has discussed it with him as he has with many people.

"He does discuss the Middle East and aid with Government ministers because he is still very active in the Middle East and Africa with his not-for-profit work. He hasn't discussed Brexit with Government ministers.

?"Mr Blair will make a proper announcement around all of this in the New Year."

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