These pictures to celebrate the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh's 69th anniversary will give you all the feels


Today is the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh's 69th wedding anniversary.

Elizabeth and Philip, now 90 and 95 respectively, have topped the hierarchy of Britain's royalty for more time than any before them and touched the hearts of the nation. So, to celebrate Phil and Liz's 69 years we took a look back through the picture archive to share with you some of the special moments they've had together over the decades.


Princess Elizabeth and Lieut. Philip Mountbatten
This loving look between the two has carried on throughout the decades (PA Archive)

It is said it was in 1939 that Princess Elizabeth first fell for Philip as a teenager, but the picture above is one of the earliest of the couple together - from their first engagement photo shoot at Buckingham Palace in July 1947.

Princess Elizabeth and Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten married in Westminster Abbey on November 20 1947 when the heiress presumptive was just 21 and her fiance was fresh from serving in the Royal Navy during the Second World War. The Princess walked down the aisle, dressed in an ivory silk Norman Hartnell gown, decorated with 10,000 seed pearls, glittering crystals and an intricate 13ft (4m) star-patterned train.

Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh on their wedding day
Now that's a wedding dress (PA Archive)

Not long after, on November 14 1948, the couple's first child was born - Prince Charles.

More photo shoots at the palace followed, with Elizabeth's father King George VI and mother, also called Elizabeth, on hand to admire the little one.

Charles with family around

Three more children would follow - Princess Anne the Princess Royal, Prince Andrew the Duke of York and Prince Edward the Earl of Wessex, each now 66, 56 and 52 respectively.


Queen Elizabeth II , back to camera, prepares to leave
The funeral of King George was one of their more sombre days (AP)

The untimely death of King George VI in 1952 meant for a sombre day for the couple at his funeral, pictured above, but this was of course a defining moment for Elizabeth, as she became Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth II and her husband the Duke of Edinburgh
(PA Archive)

On one of what would become hundreds of trips together, the Queen and Philip travelled to Canada in 1959.

Queen and Philip behind
Phil is a cheeky chap (PA Archive)


The family sit on a rug in Balmoral
Balmoral is in Aberdeenshire, Scotland (PA Archive)

A collection of photos of the Royal Family wouldn't be complete without images of them perusing grand stately grounds, such as at Frogmore below. Nor would they be complete without the royal pet the Corgi.

Prince Andrew offers his brother Prince Edward a daffodil
Andrew's giving Edward a daffodil and the cuteness is too much... (PA Archive)

Elizabeth even took beloved corgi Susan with her on honeymoon to Broadlands, Hampshire, and Birkhall on the Balmoral Estate - another favourite stately home of the family's collection.

Visits to St Paul's Cathedral have also been common due to various services, such as the Magna Carta celebrations in June 1965.

Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip
Almost as amazing an outfit as the bloke in the background (AP)


Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip
Nobody waves better (AP)

State visits continued throughout the 70s, such as to Japan pictured above. Meanwhile the Trooping of the Colour has been an annual ceremony for the two, and they had some mad skills with a horse back in the day.

Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip
Loving that side saddle Liz (AP)

Equestrian ability aside, no couple quite does waving from a balcony as these two do either.

Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh
The ultimate mic drop (PA)


Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh taking photographs
"How's my hair?" (PA Archive)

As the 80s came around, new technology meant cameras for the royals themselves as well as better ones for those taking pictures of them. The advances meant even more jet-setting too.

Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip
Nailing the yellow (AP)

The Queen recently praised the "everlasting friendship" between Britain and China, and the role the royal couple play in these relationships through state visits can't be underestimated. Visits such as this cute trip to a Chinese kindergarten in 1986 for example.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip applaud
Who are the big kids? (AP)


Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh
If looks could talk (PA)

The decades my have flown by, but the looks of adoration between Philip and Elizabeth have always stayed the same and they couldn't look like a friendlier couple.

Queen and Duke of Edinburgh
Power couple (PA)

The smiling never stopped either...

Queen Elizabeth II smiles to her husband
Philip always brings the laughs (PA)

Not ever.

Queen smiles at Philip
You know he must have said something (PA Archive)


Queen and Philip
You better salute (PA)

There are literally thousands of images of the couple from the Noughties, and their form never dips. Whether they are checking out laser surgery at University College Hospital in London...

Queen and Philip
Nailed it (AP)

Or trying to stay awake in a lecture at the London School of Economics.

Queen and sleeping Philip
Get that man a coffee (PA)

Well, half of them managed to stay awake anyway...


Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh
Get us a seat next to these two (PA)

Now in the current decade after an incredible 69 years the Queen and Duke still do their duty to their country as they have always done.

And Phil still makes her laugh...

Queen and Philip
This man is a comedian surely (PA)

They still always lead the country's respects...

Elizabeth and Philip
We will remember them (PA)

They'll still listen intently everywhere they go...

Queen and Philip shown bone by scientist
How do they still focus so well? (PA)

And Philip still gives her that look.

Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh
The bloke in red gets it (PA)

Happy anniversary!

Queen and DUke of Edinburgh holding hands
Even royalty hold hands (PA Archive)