This man won more than £100,000 after betting on Donald Trump to win the US election

A hotelier who won more than £100,000 by backing Donald Trump to win the US presidential election has said he "never wavered".

John Mappin, owner of the Camelot Castle Hotel in Tintagel, Cornwall, placed 33 bets with William Hill over the past 18 months backing the billionaire businessman to beat Hillary Clinton.

Mappin, along with his wife Irina, was a vocal supporter of Trump on social media and amassed a following of more than 687,000 people.

He won £110,767 as a result of the bets, which formed his first ever flutter when odds on Trump were offered at 33-1.

The bookmaker's spokesman Graeme Sharpe described the win as "one of the heaviest defeats we have had in political betting".

On being presented with a giant cheque, Mappin said: "Obviously we are delighted with the cheque.

"Obviously when we put the bet on I was either teeing myself up for the biggest portion of humble pie with egg-on-face topping or the greatest moment of 'I told you so' probably in the history of 'I told you so's'.

"In truth it was never about the money.

John Mappin, owner of the Camelot Castle Hotel.
Mappin with his wife Irina (Ben Birchall/PA)

"I knew within a few hours that he was going to win - I was absolutely certain. Of course if you say that in hindsight ... nobody would believe me. I could say 'well I knew Donald Trump was going to win' so I decided to put the bet on purely as a marker.

"We never wavered - in fact I think we even increased our stake three days before the election so we were certain at the beginning, certain halfway through and certain at the end."

Mappin, who is a member of the family behind Bond Street jewellers Mappin And Webb, said Trump's victory was as significant as the Declaration Of Independence in 1776.

John Mappin, owner of the Camelot Castle Hotel.
Mappin has been a vocal supporter of Trump on social media (Ben Birchall/PA)

"I suppose really who I have to thank for this is Mr Trump himself. He has done the most incredibly noble action. He has taken so much incoming flak for a year and a half and he has done a service to this world. In my view, that's historic.

"I don't think anything has happened in America like this since 1776."

He said the money would go towards recruiting and training people in social media.

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