A helpline has been set up in Sweden so women can report mansplaining

If you're a woman in the workplace (or almost any other group situation really), chances are you'll have experienced mansplaining.

For those who don't know, mansplaining is the unwelcome act - undertaken by a man - of explaining something to someone - typically a woman - who likely didn't ask for said explanation or has ample knowledge of the subject area already.

In essence, it can be patronising, condescending and wildly irritating.

a man shows a woman how to use an ipad (Thinkstock)
Yes I do actually know how to use an iPad, thanks (Thinkstock)

So over in Sweden, one of the country's largest trade unions has taken the matter into its own hands by setting up a special helpline to report any and all incidents of the dreaded m-word.

Unionen, which has more than 600,000 members, wants to raise awareness of how mansplaining can seriously affect women at work, claiming that 75% of the cases it receives on discrimination in the workplace are from women.

Callers can report any condescending colleagues, get advice from experts and coaches, and ask any questions they may have about mansplaining on social media.

Here's hoping for a UK version, amirite?

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