5 uplifting stories you may have missed while the world was in meltdown over the US election


You'd be forgiven for thinking the entire world is a dark and dismal place right now but there are actually some good things happening, they've just been a bit overlooked (because, you know, 2016 is terrifying).

So have a read of these happy stories from the past week that you've probably missed and breathe a much-needed sigh of relief.

1. These US firefighters bought a little girl a new Minnie Mouse desk to do her homework on after her old one was destroyed in a fire.

2. Ireland is building the largest redwood forest in the world (outside of California) as a tribute to the many people who've left the country over the years.

redwood trees (Thinkstock)

3. Several strangers on the subway in Canada all pitched in to help out a man who was running late for an interview in the most lovely way.

Salma Hamidi - This morning while waiting for the subway... | Facebook

4. Turns out drinking a beer (or two!) a day might be very good for your health, according to this study by Pennsylvania State University researchers.

a woman drinking a glass of beer (Yui Mok/PA)
(Yui Mok/PA)

5. A run-down dog park in Radleigh, North Carolina has won a $30,000 makeover meaning there'll be lots of happy dogs bounding around soon.

a dog jumping in the grass (David Jones/PA)
(David Jones/PA)

There's some rays of sunshine, at least.