This website is turning controversial Donald Trump quotes into charitable donations

The news of Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton in the US election has affected people in different ways - some are happy, others disappointed and a few feel downright outraged.

But a group of people have managed to find a new way to channel their anger into something more productive by creating a website that uses Trump quotes to secure charitable donations for organisations that help immigrants, advocate women's rights and help promote racial equality.

Donald Trump
President-elect Donald Trump (Niall Carson/PA)

According to the founders, Rage Donate was built by "a collective of concerned and angry creative and technical folk across the USA".

All users need to do is click a button that says "Rage Donate" below a Trump statement and give money to a not-for-profit organisation.

"Your donation is processed by Stripe and goes directly to the organisation's account," the founders of Rage Donate write on their website.

"In some cases there is a small transaction fee by the payment processor which is at a low rate specifically for non-profit organisations."

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