This hero cop gave his own PlayStation to a kid whose games console was stolen


When nine-year-old Aidan Munro's family home was burgled he lost his most prized possession - but a charitable police officer was on hand to save the day.

The burglary at Aidan's Texas home, where he lives with his mother Jessica, saw a TV, Xbox, games and all of its accessories stolen from the residence. According to a post on the Seguin Police Department (SPD) Facebook page, Aidan was said to be particularly distraught by the loss of the games console as it was given to him by his father.

Adian Munro
Aidan's favourite game is Minecraft (Seguin Police Department)

Fortunately for Aidan however, officer Brandon Smith of SPD was given the job of investigating the incident and when he heard of the boy's distress, he decided to make the ultimate sacrifice - by donating his very own games console, a PlayStation 3, to the child.

Smith also went to a local game shop to buy Aidan a copy of his favourite game, Minecraft, and the SPD said the boy was "ecstatic and extremely grateful".

***Seguin Police Officer Demonstrates Servant ...

"In a time when law enforcement is being looked at in a negative light, what officer Brandon Smith did was one of the most selfless and kind gestures I have ever seen," said SPD police chief Kevin Kelso. "Brandon exemplifies the kind of servant leadership, compassion and empathy our employees exude every single day here at SPD."

And just in case you thought Aidan's week couldn't have got any better - apparently this happened the day before his tenth birthday too.