Teenagers across the US are walking out of school in protest over Donald Trump's victory

Donald Trump's election has sparked protests across the US as people sought to show their displeasure at the result which saw Hillary Clinton take the popular vote, but Trump sweep the electoral college.

Last week the demonstrations were mainly made up of college students and those above school age. However, as a new week dawned, teenagers across the US joined in, walking out of school and onto the streets.

High school protests have been reported in Washington, Colorado, California, Oregon and Maryland with schools in cities co-ordinating to meet in parks or outside government or Trump buildings.

Many high schoolers have used social media to organise the protests, including Wilson High School in Washington State.

High school students protest in LAS(Nick Ut/AP)
East Los Angeles high school students protest on Monday (Nick Ut/AP)

The young demonstrators brandished signs decrying Trump's divisive language and supporting rights for ethnic minorities, women and members of the LGBTQ community.

(Elaine Thompson/AP)
A student protester in Seattle (Elaine Thompson/AP)

The students have been criticised and praised in equal measure online for their actions.

Support from the schools being abandoned has varied, with Seattle Public Schools saying that the estimated 2,300 students from 14 middle and high schools who walked out of class will get an "unexcused absence" on their record, according to Associated Press.

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