Sadiq Khan is encouraging U.S. workers to move to London with a cheeky dig at Canada's website crashing

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has encouraged any US workers disappointed in the country's election result to consider moving to London.

Khan was speaking alongside Google chief Sundar Pichai as the tech giant announced plans to expand its offices in the capital and create thousands of new jobs.

Referencing reports that many Americans began investigating how to emigrate to Canada following Donald Trump's shock win over Hillary Clinton - causing the Canadian immigration website to crash - Khan suggested they look to the UK instead.

Sadiq Khan
(Stefan Rousseau/PA)

"Millions of people, I'm told, used Google's search engine post the election on Tuesday - we know millions use it every single day," he said.

"I heard one of the most Googled things since Wednesday has been 'how do you emigrate?' If talented people based in the US want to come here to London, my message is simple - London is open. And our website's not going to crash."

Pichai called the election and public reaction since a "challenging time", but said he was now hopeful of a smooth transition of power.

Sundar Pichai
(Dominic Lipinski/PA)

"Coming from the US, we've obviously been going through an important moment and it's important to remember it's a democratic process," he said.

"It's a robust and challenging democratic process. But it's important that we now have a smooth transition. We've had a deeply divided election, but we now hopefully can move beyond the rhetoric of the campaign to actually getting things done.

"And so I remain optimistic we will go through this transition well, but it's been a challenging time and it definitely weighs on all our minds."

Sundar Pichai
(Eric Risberg/AP)

This was Pichai's first visit to the UK as Google's chief exec, and confirmed that the company was "committed" to the UK and plans to extend its London headquarters at King's Cross creating up to 3,000 new jobs.

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