Martin Lewis: I got death threats after Remainers used picture for campaign leaflets

Financial journalist Martin Lewis has revealed he received death threats during the EU referendum after the Remain campaign used his photograph on their leaflets.

Martin - famed for his money-saving advice online and on television - was voted by Brits as the most trust commentator ahead of the referendum and repeatedly said he did not want to convince voters which way to vote.

He said that, after Stronger In Europe used a quote and photograph on an official leaflet, he received abuse from voters.

Martin at work at the Supreme Court.
Martin at work at the Supreme Court (John Stillwell/PA)

"I am never afraid of standing up for what I believe in but I didn't believe I wanted to tell people how to vote," he said.

"First of all, I was one of six on every leaflet and when they did testing and realised I was the most trusted it was then on the front of every Remain leaflet with a picture of me. Without my permission, without my approval.

"I was not campaigning for Remain. I got death threats on the back of it."

The quote used was made during an appearance on ITV's The Agenda in April when Martin was asked if Britain would be better or worse off if it voted to leave.

The multi-million pound website created by Martin.
The multimillion-pound website created by Martin (PA)

He told host Tom Bradby: "On balance of probability, it is more likely we'll have less money in our pockets if we vote to leave."

Martin, who voted to Remain because he was "55% in 45% out", urged Brits to unite to make Brexit work.

"We have had a democratic decision, as a country, we have decided to leave.

"What we must all do now is shake hands with people who voted the other way and work to make that decision the best possible decision in the best possible outcome that we can have for the country.

"Not talk ourselves into recession, not talk ourselves down because that can be a self-fulfilling prophecy, get on with it and absolutely go to make Brexit work for Britain."

The journalist returns to screens next week with his latest series of The Martin Lewis Money Show and although he said he still enjoys offering financial advice, Lewis admitted he would love to take Piers Morgan's job at Good Morning Britain for a day.

He said: "One day it might be fun to have a day presenting Good Morning Britain.

"You never know, they might just let me do it.

"I don't want the job. I'm sure Piers and Ben wouldn't be scared even if I said I did but I don't want the job doing that but maybe one Friday it might be nice to try my hand at doing that.

"I have presented. I am a journalist and I have presented news programmes in the past. I'm pretty good at current affairs."

The Martin Lewis Money Show returns to ITV on November 22.

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