5 times the real Joe Biden was even better than the memes he spawned


The US election has divided America like nothing else. In these tough times, people are casting about for a hero. That man's name is Joe Biden and he is the outgoing vice president of the United States.

The all-round nice guy and Barack Obama's best mate has spawned a fair few memes in his time, but what you may not know is that he's done some pretty great things over his long political career.

Joe Biden
(John Minchillo/AP)

1. The time he wrote an incredible letter to the Stanford sexual assault survivor.

Joe Biden
(Cliff Owen/AP)

Who can forget the incredibly powerful open letter Biden wrote to the victim of the Brock Turner sexual assault.

Biden is involved with the White House's "It's On Us" campaign against campus sexual assault. He writes on his anger that this woman was subjected to such an awful act, and praises her bravery.

He writes: "I am filled with furious anger -- both that this happened to you and that our culture is still so broken that you were ever put in the position of defending your own worth."

2. When he authored the Violence Against Women Act.

Joe Biden
(David Dermer/AP)

This 1994 act was Biden's signature achievement - it was the first comprehensive federal legislative package with the aim to defend women against violence.

It included provisions on rape and focused on prevention services.

3. His work on the Violent Crime Control Act.

Joe Biden
(Darko Vojinovic/AP)

The same year as the Violence Against Women Act, Biden helped pass the crime bill.

It's the largest crime bill the US has ever passed, and put more police officers on the streets and channelled more funding into prisons and crime prevention programs.

4. As VP, he oversaw the $787 billion economic stimulus package.

Joe Biden
(Matt Rourke/AP)

Biden played a huge part in The Recovery Act of 2009, which was created in response to the Great Recession. The focus of the bill was to save and create jobs as soon as possible, alongside more long-term goals to rejuvenate the economy.

5. When he fought for marriage equality.

Joe Biden
(Matt Rourke/AP)

Biden declared his support for gay marriage three days before Obama did in 2012, and has been a staunch supporter of the LGBTQ community.

He has called trans discrimination "the civil rights issue of our time" and said in an interview with Chad Griffin: "Things are changing so rapidly, it's going to become a political liability in the near term for an individual to say, 'I oppose gay marriage'. Mark my words."

Joe Biden
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Not only this, but we're definitely going to miss the vice president who said in response to Paul Ryan: "With all due respect, that's a bunch of malarkey."