This CCTV footage of a New Zealand golf shop shows the powerful effects of the earthquake

This footage taken from CCTV in a golf shop in New Zealand shows just how quickly and violently an earthquake can cause trouble.

In this case the 7.8-magnitude quake caused an almighty mess, but across New Zealand things have been much more serious.

At least two people have been killed by the quake and the country's government is taking action to rescue some still trapped by the aftermath of the earthquake, which also caused a damaging tsunami.

Officials estimate the damage caused by the earthquake will cost billions of dollars to repair.

Earthquake damage on State Highway One
The earthquake caused devastation to roads and numerous landslides (Mark Mitchell/AP)

New Zealand plans to send in military helicopters and a navy ship to rescue about 1,000 tourists and hundreds of residents from the coastal town of Kaikoura after the quake cut off access, water supplies and sewage systems. Kaikoura is one of the worst affected areas, but many other parts have also been hit.

"It's just utter devastation," said New Zealand's prime minister John Key.

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