Reddit users share their proudest stories about their relatives for Remembrance Sunday

Remembrance Sunday is a day to commemorate the armed forces and civilian servicemen and women who served in the two World Wars, and any later conflicts. It comes after Friday's Armistice Day, marking the anniversary of the end of World War One.

With ceremonies and memorials taking place across the country, what better way to mark the day than by sharing stories about what your relatives did during the wars.

Armistice Day memorials
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This is exactly what proud grandchildren and children have done, taking to various Reddit threads to share their memories.

TallDuckandHandsome shares a tale from his father's time in the navy

Remembrance Sunday
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My dad was in the merchant navy during the Second World War having lied about his age to sign up. He worked on transport ships taking troops to and from Africa and worked with the Captain to smuggle oranges and fruit back to the UK to feed people.

When his ship was torpedoed, the hold carrying the fruit was hit and apparently it rained whole oranges across the ocean.

It is Joeyoups's great, great grandfather who he keeps mementos from

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My great, great grandfather fired seven shots at the Somme then had his leg blown off.

He survived blood loss and exposure to infection, lived well into his 70s and is the reason my family exists. I have the remaining three 303 rounds in a charger clip in my drawer.

neko's contribution is a sad reminder of how much has been forgotten

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I never heard any stories, so I all have is the single sentence in my grandpa's obituary. I can't even find any records on genealogy sites, and it's a lot of work to actually file for documentation.

"He served with the U.S. Army Signal Corps in Alaska during World War II."

Silencer95 is proud about his great grandfather

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My great grandfather fought in Burma against the Japanese and their allies where he was captured until the end of the war.

Obviously being captured by the enemy isn't a proud moment, but I'm proud of the fact that he even went there to fight at all.

BraskysANSOB illustrates his grandfather's story with a picture


My grandfather was in Okinawa. We have some old newspaper clippings of him hanging out with Ernie Pyle. He had a grenade go off pretty close to him and nearly lost his arm.

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