Theresa May in Remembrance Sunday nod to forces fighting Islamic State

Remembrance Sunday should be used to honour the bravery of British forces fighting Islamic State as well as the war dead, Prime Minister Theresa May has said.

Mrs May, who is attending the national commemoration at the Cenotaph along with the Queen and other political leaders, praised the sacrifices made by generation after generation of Britons to defend the nation.

The Prime Minister said the country also needs to remember those on active duty now battling Islamic State, which the Government refers to as Daesh.

Mrs May said: "The way of life we enjoy today depends upon the service offered by members of the armed forces and their families.

"Across generations, and in every corner of the UK, today we remember those who gave so much for our values, our democracy, and our nation.

"At this time of reflection we must not forget those members of the armed forces who are currently away from loved ones, whether taking the fight to Daesh, assisting UN peacekeeping efforts in Africa or fighting piracy on the high seas.

"As we are united in remembrance of those who have made sacrifices for our freedom, so we are united in our gratitude to those who continue to keep us safe."