Nigel Farage has called Obama a 'loathsome individual' and 'creature' and joked about Trump touching Theresa May

Nigel Farage has described outgoing US President Barack Obama as a "creature" and a "loathsome individual" as he suggested Donald Trump would boost ties between America and UK.

The Ukip leader joked that he would encourage his ally Mr Trump to come to the UK to meet Prime Minister Theresa May but not to "touch her" - a reference to the lewd comments about women made by the US president-elect and the allegations of sexual assault which dogged his campaign.

(Gerald Herbert/AP)
(Gerald Herbert/AP)

"For us in the UK the opportunities are really clear," the Ukip leader told TalkRadio.

"That Obama creature, loathsome individual who couldn't stand our country and said we would be at the back of the queue ... What was interesting was that Trump said we would be at the front of the queue."

He added: "However imperfect Donald Trump may be, and my goodness me he is; his mother was Scottish, he owns Turnberry, he spends a lot of time in our country, he loves our country, what we stand for and our culture.

"This is a big opportunity for all British business, because we can now do - once we have left that awful EU thing - we can now do our first trade deal with the United States of America, isn't that great?"

People on Twitter vented their anger at Farage's comments and reminded the controversial politician that Obama is still in power until January.

Farage, who will soon travel to the United States and "hopefully" have talks with Mr Trump, said: "I will be encouraging him to make the UK his number one global priority."

"I am going to say 'Come and schmooze Theresa - don't touch her, for goodness sake'," he said.

"If it comes to it, I could be there as a responsible adult to make sure everything's okay."

Once again, the comments provoked the ire of Twitter users, criticising him for apparently making a joke about sexual assault.

It looks like Farage is angling for a job in the Trump administration, saying: "If I can do anything, knowing Trump and knowing his campaign team, to try and make sure that Britain and America have the right relationship which will be good for business and good for the world, I will do everything I can to make sure that happens."

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