John Lewis is at it again on Twitter (and we don't mean the department store)


Nothing brings us quite as much joy as a Twitter mix-up, and by this mean we a good old-fashioned case of mistaken identity.

Enter John Lewis: the Virginian, not the department store.

As you can imagine, John Lewis is getting a lot of buzz on social media today thanks to the release of their Christmas advert (big up Buster the boxer). And much of the love for this ad has been directed towards our friend in America John, who in his Twitter bio describes himself as a "Computer science educator, father of four, social liberal, atheist, and not a retail store."

John lewis
(YouTube screengrab)

Luckily, John has a great sense of humour in response to the overwhelming amount of Tweets he erroneously receives every year. He really knows how to bring the banter.

He graciously accepts the outpouring of love many people have towards the new ad.

But also manages to keep it real because he didn't actually make the ad.

Nor does he make any clothes.

He also brings silly puns to the party.

And occasionally gets quite existential.

What a champ. Thanks John: you're exactly what we needed this week.