Forget the real John Lewis advert, you need to see this budget version which was put together in six hours

Unless you've been hiding under a rock today, you'll be aware this year's highly anticipated John Lewis advert has finally arrived on our screens.

It features the loveable Buster the boxer and a whole host of excited woodland creatures who come out to jump and play and have a truly joyful time on a young girl's newly purchased trampoline.

foxes and a badger jump on the trampoline together (Screengrab/YouTube/John Lewis)
(Screengrab/YouTube/John Lewis)

But that kind of video magic doesn't just happen overnight - reportedly taking six months to make and costing millions to broadcast.

So MyVoucherCodes, true to form, decided to whip up their own version at a greatly reduced cost (in terms of both time and money) - in a mere six hours and with a measly budget of £600.

They called on the help of students from the School of Communication Arts to rush around and put together the discounted 'Budget Buster' ad which features hand-made dolls instead of people, rustic sets instead of actual snowy scenes and a play on the original strap-line 'Discounted gifts that everyone will love'.

It really needs to be seen to be believed.

It's even gone so far as to improve the advert - hear us out - by including a shot of Santa, something parents were getting very upset about because of his absence in the real thing.

Top effort all round, guys.

You can read more about the making of the ad here.

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