Trump election victory sets off protests in California and Oregon


Donald Trump's presidential victory has set off protests by hundreds of people on California college campuses and in Oregon.

At least 500 people took to the streets in and around UCLA early on Wednesday morning, some shouting anti-Trump expletives.

There were no immediate arrests.

(Jane Tyska/AP)
Fires were lit in rubbish lorries and rubbish bins during protests in central Oakland (Jane Tyska/AP)

Smaller demonstrations were held at University of California campuses and neighbourhoods in Berkeley, Irvine and Davis and at San Jose State.

In Oakland, more than 100 protesters took to the streets. There were TV reports of protesters burning effigies of Trump, smashed windows of the Oakland Tribune newsroom and tyres and rubbish set on fire.

Dozens of people blocked traffic in Portland and forced the delay of trains on two lines.

The California Highway Patrol said a woman was struck by a car during the protest and was severely injured.

Once a solid red state, California has voted Democrat since 1992.

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