Parents are sharing their best advice on how they can talk to their kids about Donald Trump's win


As Donald Trump became President-elect for the United States of America, many people immediately shared the same concerned thought - how are parents going to put this historic moment into context for their kids?

One parent was so concerned about how they would broach the subject that they set up a Reddit thread looking for advice from others.

They wrote: "I always teach my kids to be kind to their fellow man. Treat everyone with respect. My sons, I teach them to treat women equally and with courteousness.

"We are mixed African-Americans, so Obama has always been an excellent role model we can direct them to. Not sure how I can even begin to explain President Trump to them."

 Donald Trump speaks during election night rally (Evan Vucci/AP)
(Evan Vucci/AP)

And the plea for help was swiftly met with heartfelt responses from several users.

ReaperOfTheLost wrote: "Tell them that when our leaders don't uphold our values and principles, it just means we must be even more resolved to stand for what we believe in. We are part of a national community filled with a wide range of perspectives and any decision will leave some part of that community feeling dissatisfied.

"In a democracy our leaders are reflections of the community that elects them. The cracks and flaws in our leaders point to where we need to improve our communities. Ultimately we don't always get the leaders we want, and (when) we don't the best we can do is try to be better leaders ourselves."

Sparklefades wrote: "One of the best lessons my mom ever taught me, and one that is still hardest to swallow, is that the world is not fair. Life is not fair. Bad guys win sometimes. You have to learn how to be okay with this. And how to not lose hope.

"How do you create balance in your own life? And how do you help keep balance in the world? That's what I try to focus on. That, and if a big change feels too daunting, try to make a little change."

And Ghibbitude wrote: "I dunno, man. My parents are Muslim and I am so afraid for my kids. And sad for when they begin to understand that their grands and aunties and uncles are the people the country is being taught to hate and fear. Not to mention the acceptable use of language situation or the gender inequality situation.

"Mostly I am going with hugging and trying to promote well, how would you feel if it were you? Discussions. A bad example can still be a good learning opportunity."

That being said, not everyone seemed to agree with the gist the thread was getting at.

TheMormonAthiest wrote: "Easy. Just Say Donald Trump is our president and he is fighting for you to have more toys and a better life every day,'s the truth."

Whatever your stance, we can surely all agree the road ahead doesn't exactly look straightforward.