The results are in from the first town in the US to vote

The time is finally nigh, and the votes are starting to come in from this, the most momentous election we've seen.

However, maybe don't get carried away with predicting the results just yet, because the town of Dixville Notch only has eight voters. Safe to say it's not exactly a swing state then.

Polls in the tiny New Hampshire towns of Dixville, Hart's Location and Millsfield opened just after midnight on Tuesday and closed as soon as everyone had voted. These die-hard voters are proud to have the first word on the big vote.

Dixville Notch
(Jim Cole/AP)

Hillary Clinton swept to victory with half of the votes - only time will tell whether the whole country mirrors Dixville's political leanings.

Donald Trump didn't even manage to nab one vote, with Libertarian Gary Johnson taking one and 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney getting a write-in vote.

Dixville Notch
(Jim Cole/AP)

Under New Hampshire state law, communities with fewer than 100 voters can get permission to open their polls at midnight and close them as soon as all registered voters have cast their ballots.

So Clinton is off to an early lead, but we doubt she's banking her victory just yet.

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