8 times Hillary Clinton was epically awkward this election season


Donald Trump has stumbled from gaffe to gaffe this election season, meaning it's been quite easy to overlook Hillary Clinton's less-than-cool moments.

But don't you worry, there's been plenty of them, too. Here's eight of her most cringe worthy moments:

1. The time she quoted Jay Z's My President

As Hillary took to the stage at a Jay Z and Beyonce concert, she was clearly inspired by the rap-aficionado's words. She said Jay's words were something we should all recall - "Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther King could walk. Martin Luther King walked so Obama could run. Obama's running so all the children can fly."

He might have been wishing to withdraw that endorsement after watching her rhythm-less attempt at rapping. Skip to 3.50 in the above video to check it out.

2. When she tried to get down with the kids by mentioning Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go arrived and died an absolute death during the campaign trail. Let's hope Clinton's campaign doesn't go the same way on polling day.

3. When she talked about 'Trumped up, trickle down' economics

Hillary has made some pretty epic burns on Trump, but this one was lost on all of us. The way she stutters before she says it shows she knows it's a dud.

4. When LeBron James made her look like a doll

(Phil Long/AP)
(Phil Long/AP)

Look, we know LeBron is absolutely huge, but still - she looks tiny!

5. When she said she carries hot sauce in her bag (swag)

Beyonce GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

In an interview on urban radio show The Breakfast Club, when asked what she always carried in her handbag she immediately channelled Beyonce and said "hot sauce". Cue the deluge of hate on Twitter for pandering to the station's audience.

This one is perhaps more awkward because she actually has a track record of talking about her love of hot sauce - so get back haters.

6. That face she always does when she gets on a stage

(Ross D. Franklin/AP)
(Ross D. Franklin/AP)

"Hi!" "hey!" "thanks for coming out!" accompanied by lots of pointing and an absolutely massive smile. Reminds us of Oprah.

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7. Her Between Two Ferns interview

This show with Zac Galifianakis always lives up to awkward expectations, as Zac plays the fool and makes celebs squirm. Even she knew it was awkward, saying "I really regret doing this".

8. When she wished herself happy birthday

Ok, we know it'll be her campaign team sending this out from her account, but seriously.

Sidenote: Seriously, who actually runs this Twitter account?