MPs claim to have found a pretty terribly hidden recording device in Sports Direct's warehouse

A group of MPs claim to have found a recording device during private discussions after an unannounced visit to Sports Direct's controversial warehouse in Derbyshire.

And in all honesty, it looks like a pretty poorly hidden piece of sleuthing tech.

Recording device
(Anna Turley/@annaturley/Twitter/PA)

Members of the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee travelled to Shirebrook for an on-the-spot inspection on Monday afternoon and were taken on a three-hour tour of the premises.

After the visit, the six MPs headed for a private room to discuss their impressions when they said a recording device was found.

Anna Turley, MP for Redcar, said: "At the end of the meeting, we sat down to have a private conversation in a room by ourselves. A lady came in with some sandwiches, which was very kind. I saw her take too long to do it, she put it down and I saw her put a recording device on the floor.

"She left the room and I went over to pick up the device and there it was: a camera and a recording device for the conversation that we were having privately. I'm very disappointed."

Iain Wright, chair of the committee, said: "I'm really disappointed in the nature and spirit in which Sports Direct have conducted this visit.

Sports Direct
(Nick Ansell/PA)

"I'm not suggesting that they were going to welcome us with open arms - we are a select committee that has been critical of working practices turning up unannounced.

"The fact that the sandwich woman who came into the room when the select committee was having a private conversation about what we had discovered... to have a recording device... I mean that's absolutely disgraceful.

Wright spoke to Sports Direct chief Mike Ashley on the phone after the MPs left the warehouse. The MP said: "I don't think it was a particularly pleasant conversation for either of us."

A spokesman for Sports Direct declined to comment.

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