Lib Dem leader Tim Farron is pretty miffed that Theresa May has wished both Trump and Clinton good luck


With days before the US election, PM Theresa May has wished both candidates good luck in their bids to become the president of the United States. However, these comments have been seized upon by Lib Dem leader Tim Farron.

Sticking to the Government's position of not expressing a preference in foreign elections, May wished both Trump and Clinton luck as the final day of election campaigning got under way.

The comments from a Number 10 spokesman were seized on by Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron, who referenced the numerous allegations of sexual assault that have engulfed the Republican candidate's campaign.

Tim Farron
(Gareth Fuller/PA)

Farron said: "Donald Trump is not just mad and bad but he's also dangerous. Why would you wish him luck? I have never seen anyone so unworthy of the office of the presidency in history.

"He is a nasty misogynist and woefully under prepared for the immense responsibility that comes with sitting in the Oval Office. I am worried that millions of people will vote for him this week. The party of Abraham Lincoln is now the party of Donald Trump."

May has been at pains to remain neutral since becoming PM and said last night only that she would prefer the US election to be held in a "calm and measured" fashion.

Theresa May
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There's no love lost between May and Trump. As home secretary May told a Commons committee last year that Trump's comments about barring Muslims from the US were "divisive, unhelpful and wrong".

But she did not respond when asked, during a visit to India, whether she stood by her remark.

The PM insisted that the choice of a US president was a matter for the American people.

Theresa May
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When asked about the feverish atmosphere amid which the contest has played out, she said: "I take a simple view about the way in which I like to see campaigns conducted. I like to see them conducted in a calm and measured way with proper consideration of the issues.

"As to the result of the election, it's up to the American people and we'll know that very soon."