Could snow be on its way? Forecasters warn of frosty scenes and sub-zero temperatures in Britain


It's time to get your snow boots and winter gloves out because forecasters have warned frosty scenes are expected across Britain as freezing temperatures grip the country.

Temperatures plummeted well below zero in much of Scotland and Wales on Sunday night, while a chilly - 4.7C (24F) was recorded in Katesbridge, County Down in Northern Ireland, the Met Office said.

Commuters faced delays after a train struck a tree which had fallen in high winds at Beechbrook Farm near Ashford, Kent, at around 6am on Monday.

Network Rail said the train was not damaged and there were no reported injuries but the line was closed for around 50 minutes as engineers removed the tree from the track and cleared debris.

Bright weather and temperatures between 5C (41F) and 8C (46F) are forecast for much of the country on Monday, but colder weather will move in overnight causing widespread frost and snow in parts.

Emma Sharples, forecaster for the Met Office, said Britain would wake up to "frosty scenes" on Tuesday while Scotland will see the first "fairly significant snow" of the year.

"A lot of places will go below freezing, even towns and cities will probably be just about hovering between 0C (32F) and 1C (34F)," she said.

Going into Wednesday, parts of the North East and Yorkshire may also see snow as a band of rain collides with the cold air, she added.

A woman walks her dog following a light dusting of snow at Tan Hill in North Yorkshire.
Widespread snow and frost is expected in certain parts of the country (Danny Lawson/PA)

But the freezing weather is not set to last, with wet and windy weather forecast for Friday and Saturday and temperatures between 10C (50F) and 14C (57F).

"We will see a slight change as we go towards the end of the week," Sharples said.

"Less cold than it is at the moment, but probably still a little bit below average for the time of the year."