Jeremy Paxman described David Cameron as a 'pretty terrible' Prime Minister

Jeremy Paxman laid into "pretty terrible prime minister" David Cameron in a late-night television appearance - blasting his EU referendum record as "well-nigh unforgivable".

The ex-Newsnight presenter fired shots at the former PM, saying he put the Conservative Party ahead of the UK.

Paxman, 66, well known for his no-nonsense approach to interviews, shared his indictment of Cameron on Irish broadcaster RTE One's The Late Late Show on Friday.

He told the host Ryan Tubridy: "I'm not a great fan of Cameron, actually, if you really want to know. I think he probably knew that.

David Cameron
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"You look at the Brexit referendum - what Cameron did was to put the interests of his party above the interests of his country and that seems to me to be well-nigh unforgivable.

"He put the whole question of the country's identity up for grabs in a referendum and then didn't even bother to make the case for staying in Europe.

"So I think he's got quite a lot on his conscience, I think he's been a pretty terrible prime minister actually."

Cameron resigned as Tory leader, and then as MP for Witney, Oxfordshire, after a humiliating EU referendum defeat.

David Cameron is interviewed by Jeremy Paxman
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Despite his low opinion of Cameron, the journalist said he liked "chancer" Boris Johnson.

He said: "I quite like him actually. I think he's funny and you can forgive all sorts of things in someone who's funny."

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