This map shows how much each state is worth in terms of electoral college votes


The US election can be pretty confusing to us Brits - especially when it comes to the electoral college.

Simply put, this is the process that decides how many votes each state is worth in relation to its population size. In other words - the more people that live in a state, the greater the number of votes it gets.

So to put this in perspective, we've redrawn the map of America to show the relative weightings of all the different states and used the latest projection of how people will vote on November 8 to get a feel of what the results could be.

graphic showing the latest projection of votes in the US election (PA)

What it shows is definitely a good sign for Hillary Clinton - the majority of states we've modified to be larger (so the ones with the most electoral votes) are Democratic blue, while most of the states turned Republican red for Donald Trump are the ones we've made teeny tiny with the fewest electoral votes.

Now we have less than a week to find out if it'll come true.