The wrong Gina Miller is being trolled online after High Court Brexit ruling

Gina Miller, the businesswoman who led the campaign against triggering Brexit without Parliamentary approval, has been subjected to online rape and death threats since her High Court victory on Thursday.

However, many trolls have got the wrong Gina Miller and accidentally targeted a US journalist with the same name.

Gina MIller
This is the British Gina Miller who online trolls thought they were targeting (Alastair Grant/AP)

The American Miller pointed out the mistake on Facebook saying: "Here's the thing: it's not me. Anyone who follows me knows I'm in no way smart enough to challenge the British government.

"Turns out I'm being confused with the Gina Miller who spearheaded this effort. In turn, I am getting a ton of new British-based followers and, um, interesting tweets on social."

Thank you, Scott David for the image! Again: I

There's no need to give coverage to the negative tweets that the wrong Miller received on Thursday, but safe to say it would have been a pretty upsetting and confusing day for her.

However the presenter seems to be taking it in her stride, and has welcomed the huge influx of new followers she's gained.

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