Theresa May got herself in an embarrassing tangle over a new Labour baby at PMQs

Theresa May appeared to congratulate Jeremy Corbyn on the birth of his granddaughter in the latest session of PMQs - which was an embarrassing blunder for several reasons.

First off, she wasn't actually talking about Corbyn - which is right because there are no Corbyn grandkids to report on. It really did seem like she was, though, because she was looking right at the Labour leader and using all that non-naming "right honourable gentleman" lark.

The birth she was referring to actually related to Labour MP Conor McGinn, who earlier this week helped deliver a new baby at his home - except it was his daughter, not granddaughter. And he's only 32-years-old - perhaps a *tad* young to assume to be a granddad.

As she realised her mistake - which was quickly made very clear by a moment of awkward silence and lots of looking around - she literally couldn't talk for raucous laughter from both sides of the House and even from herself.

corbyn and may in pmqs (PA)

It left lots of people very confused.

Talk about making an entrance.

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