The republican candidate has bought loads of Trump-bashing domain names

Whether it is Robert De Niro saying he wants to punch him in the face or a man smashing his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with a sledgehammer - bashing Donald Trump is not an uncommon thing.

However, Trump has devised a rather cunning plan for preventing such Trump-bashing from occurring online - by buying domain names insulting to himself and his brand.

Trump phone case used by a woman outside a Trump rally
Trump's brand gets everywhere, but it's what people are reading on their phones and laptops which he has tried to control (John Locher/AP), and and two dozen other web addresses which sound as though they are slating the billionaire presidential nominee. Why would Trump want these bizarre web addresses though? Well, because he doesn't want anyone else to have them to use against him.

According to research firm DomainIQ, Trump and his Trump Organisation own more than 3,600 domain names. Mostly these bear the names of his products, properties and family, with 274 domains featuring the name of his daughter Ivanka alone. in comparison Trump's opponent in the US election Hillary Clinton owns only 70 addresses and none with any derogatory names. screengrab
Perhaps unsurprisingly due to its owner, there isn't much more to than this (Screen grab/

This method is not uncommon from companies. For example, Verizon, the US mobile phone company, owns

"Domains are cheap," Rebeccae Lieb, a branding expert, said. "Mopping up when somebody acquires a domain and does something malicious with it is expensive."

Web addresses cost only a few pounds to buy, then once you own them you can sell them to the highest bidder. Trump himself has had to use his lawyers at least 40 times to force outsiders to hand over domains, such as

Trump in front of American flag
Does buying domain names hold the key to protecting the Trump brand? (Evan Vucci/AP)

Some of Trump's addresses include business ventures which never got off the ground. For example Trump still owns a site built for a Trump-produced Broadway show featuring the music of Irving Berlin - this is genuinely serious.

There are some domain names Trump failed to snag in time though. For example Chris Puchowicz in the US bought at auction in 2012 for $1,272 (£1,038) and for $251 (£205) a few months later. Puchowicz used these to post an anti-Trump rant.

No to Trump written on
"He wasn't even organized enough to purchase this domain" writes Puchowicz on (Screen grab/

But surely the domain name which causes Trump, and his presidential running mate Mike Pence, the most pain is This was bought by Brian Lam, a software engineering student from St Louis, Missouri for $9 (£7) - but the picture he posted to it suggests he's not promoting Trump's campaign. with Brian Lam flipping the user off
Oh my goodness - this isn't a Trump-Pence campaign page at all! (Screen grab/

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